The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing makes it illegal to discriminate against an employee on the basis of gender (or sex). It is illegal in California to harass and/or discriminate against an employee due to gender.

A multitude of Federal, state, and local statutes mandate that employers provide equal access and equal protection to all employees, customers, vendors, and others. Gonzalez Law has litigated numerous complex discrimination cases where individuals and institutions have failed to provide necessary protection. Our ability to successfully interpret and apply California discrimination laws in real world settings allows us to protect the rights of all persons, regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

Any discrimination lawsuit will require careful screening and due diligence by an experienced lawyer who can file and negotiate claims with the various administrative agencies overseeing employee rights. The criteria for making a complaint and seeking redress is complex and confusing, involving filing deadlines and strict documentation procedures which must be followed at all times. Please speak to an attorney from our firm before proceeding with your claim.

If you feel that you are the victim of discrimination in the workplace or elsewhere, please contact the Los Angeles offices of Gonzalez Law today to speak to an attorney about your rights and responsibilities.

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